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Yenti Gunawan Sunarto

Yenti Gunawan Sunarto

Yenti Gunawan Sunarto

Program Manager, Pre-Transfer Advising for Montgomery College

Yenti joined the Pre-Transfer Advising staff after serving as the STEM Coordinator and Technology, Innovation, Program Support Coordinator in the Office of Letters and Sciences (LTSC) at University of Maryland. She advised students from all majors and helped them to explore majors/careers and transition them into their intended majors. Yenti also worked as a Program Coordinator in Smith School (Master of Science in Accounting Program) at University of Maryland and a Residence Hall Coordinator at University of Delaware. 

Prior to working in Higher Education, Yenti worked as a Business Analyst, Marketing Executive, and Material Planner. She also worked at her home-based business as a Technology Virtual Assistant where she helped other small business owners manage their social media accounts, created/maintained websites, and other technology needs.  Yenti loves utilizing technology to streamline the department’s processes and increase efficiency. She enjoys converting manual processes into digital so more people can access it. At her previous position, she gamified a course and transformed the LTSC orientation from in-person to 100% virtual. 

Yenti was born and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia. She worked in Singapore for three years before returning to the United States to obtain her Master’s Degree. She received her Bachelor’s Degrees in Management Information Systems and Communication Studies and her Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. 


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