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Katie Kluetz

Katie Kluetz

Katie Kluetz

Program Manager, Pre-Transfer Advising for Montgomery College

Katie joined the Pre-Transfer Advising team after a decade working in Undergraduate Admissions at the University of Maryland (UMD). From her first year in admissions, she worked closely with transfer students to help them navigate the transfer process, from answering questions about transfer credits, LEP admissions, and the admissions process. She most recently worked as the Coordinator of Admissions for UMD at Shady Grove, so she’s very familiar with Montgomery College students.

Katie started her college career at Frederick Community College, earning an Associate’s degree in Business Administration, and then transferred to UMD where she majored in Communication in the College of Arts and Humanities. Working in admissions for many years, Katie found a love of data and earned her MBA in data analytics from Frostburg University. She loves Excel and making sense out of datasets, manipulating and presenting findings.

Katie is passionate about assisting students with the transfer process. She currently resides in Frederick county, MD.


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