Meeting with a Pre-Transfer Advisor

Prospective transfer students can receive pre-transfer advising assistance during scheduled appointments and walk-in appointments, as well as via email. The earlier in the students' college career the more helpful we can be in helping them transfer successfully to UMD.

We encourage students to contact the Office of Undergraduate Admissions directly if they have questions about the application or their chances of admission.

Associates' Degree

Students who receive an Associates' Degree from a Maryland community college will be considered to have completed their general education requirements with the exception of an upper-level writing course and any additional credits necessary to complete the minimum number of general education credits. As such, earning an Associates' Degree can be a good option for many students before transferring to UMD.

Note that UMD offers more than 90 majors. Many of these majors have some course requirements that can be taken at the community college and successfully transfer to UMD. In some cases, it may best for prospective UMD students to complete thirty credits at the community college of fundamental English, math and general education requirements and then transfer to UMD to begin their major coursework. ARTSYS may be a helpful tool in determining whether major coursework is transferable from the community college.

Financial Aid

College is a major investment. UMD offers an array of financial aid programs-including scholarships, grants, loans and student employment.

The Transfer Academic Excellence Scholarship (TAES) is the most prestigious merit scholarship we offer to transfer students. It covers full tuition for four consecutive semesters. Students who have earned 56 credits or more from a Maryland public community college, with at least a 3.5 GPA or higher, are eligible to apply for TAES.

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